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โ˜…6.ย We are trying hard to deliver exactly what is expected from us by our re-sellers. In this case, we reserve the right to change a service type if we believe it necessary to complete an order.

โ˜…7. You must be respectful of our support team & Respectfull talk every staff . Otherwise, we reserve the right to suspend your account.

โ˜…8.ย The Indiansmmbulk.com administrator has the authority to approve accounts.

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ย Privacy Policy

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Terms of Use Policy

โ˜…ย The prices and conditions of Indiansmmbulk services can be changed at any time without prior notice.ย 

Orders Execution Policy

โ˜…1. No refunds are made for orders with the status "Completed."

โ˜…2.ย We do not accept the promotion of pornographic, hateful, gambling websites/social media accounts in orders from Indiansmmbulk.

โ˜…3.ย  Before placing an order, ensure that your Profile/Channel/Page is publicly accessible to all users worldwide (public).

โ˜…4. Orders are final; after creating an order, the cancellation of your order is not guaranteed. You can request order cancellation by creating a support ticket, and if the administration deems it appropriate, your order may be canceled.

โ˜…5. You will receive a unique Order ID for each order you place.

โ˜…6.ย  If the starting number is 500, and the order quantity is 1000, we guarantee only 1000 followers/views, not a total of 1500

โ˜…7.ย  You cannot place an order with a different provider using the same link while your order is still in progress. No refunds will be issued for such orders.

โ˜…8.ย  Changing the name of a profile or channel after ordering constitutes fraud and invalidates the guarantee of your order. If you delete your page/account, change your username, or set it to private after placing an order, we will not refund the amount you ordered.

โ˜…9.ย We offer guarantees only for services with the Refill option. Services without the Refill option do not come with any guarantee.

โ˜…10. We only guarantee the followers/likes/views we provide. We do not guarantee the total existing number of followers/likes/views.

โ˜…11.ย  Do not use multiple services simultaneously for the same link (on this panel or another panel). If you want to use multiple services for the same link, please wait for the first order to reach [Completed], [Canceled], or [Partial] status; otherwise, no cancellation will be made, and both orders will be marked as [Completed]. In this case, we cannot provide an accurate number of followers, likes, views, etc. We will not refund for the mentioned orders.

โ˜…12.ย  Please wait until your order is refilled, canceled, or partially filled if your order drops before placing a new order.

โ˜…13. The system will detect the starting number when you submit an order and mark it as Completed after the requested quantity is fulfilled.

โ˜…14. If you delete your page/account, change your username, or set it to private after placing an order, we will not refund the amount you ordered.

โ˜…15. If your page already has more than 10,000 subscribers/likes/views before ordering, there is no refill guarantee because it is not possible to determine where the subscribers/likes/views disappeared from.

โ˜…16. We only guarantee the delivery of subscribers, likes, views, etc. We do not guarantee any interaction with your content.

โ˜…17.ย  We do not provide any guarantees regarding the speed, timing, or profile views of the services. All numbers and information mentioned in the description are purely statistical in nature. Service descriptions related to timing or profile views are only estimations concerning the time and profile views. There is no guarantee for how long it will take for your order to be completed with which profiles.